Brain Injury

Brain injury typically falls under the umbrella of catastrophic injuries, because brain injuries are typically long-term, life-changing events. Traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of a wide range of circumstances, including auto accidents, 18 wheeler accidents or bus accidents, construction accidents, defective product injuries, motorcycle accidents and many other scenarios. Brain injury victims may suffer long-term repercussions and may struggle for months or years to achieve a recovery, or may never fully recover from their injuries.

In some circumstances, brain injuries can be particularly difficult to prove. Traumatic brain injuries may result in things like memory loss, recurring headaches and other long-term symptoms that may be difficult to quantify. Especially in these cases, it's vital to partner with an experienced brain injury attorney to resolve your case. Without an experienced litigator to help build a case, it may not be possible to prove the long-term damages involved in a traumatic brain injury case, and may therefore mean that brain injury sufferers never see their cases resolved.

Whether you've suffered a concussion, a closed head injury, an open head injury, or any other type of traumatic brain injury, if your injury happened as a result of someone else's negligence - you have a right to justice.

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