Drunk Driving Injuries


Mississippi ranks third out of all the states in drunk driving accidents, with over 300 deaths annually as a result of drunk driving accidents. When drunk driving accidents do occur, they warrant a full investigation; it's not just straightforward litigation like other types of car accidents. The establishment where the drunk driver was served may need to be questioned, and may share liability for a drunk driving accident.

Drunk driving is against the law. Resolving a drunk driving accident case may involve both civil and criminal elements. A good drunk driving accident attorney will work with the criminal investigators to share information and build the best possible case against the drunk driver. If you settle a drunk driving case prematurely, you could miss out on a valuable settlement against the driver.

The damages in a drunk driving accident may be substantial. Victims of a drunk driver typically suffer injuries that require medical treatment; if the medical treatment is significant, the bills pile up quickly. Drunk driving accidents may also award punitive damages, in addition to the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages. Don't cheat yourself out of the drunk driving settlement you deserve by trying to resolve the case on your own; contact us today for you free drunk driving accident consultation.

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