Insurance Bad Faith / Denial

Insurance PolicyInsurance companies sell policies to their policyholders to help them through difficult times, to protect them against calamity. When a fire or tornado destroys your home, when disaster strikes your business, when you're diagnosed with a serious illness or are in need of long-term care, you depend on your insurance to be there. When insurance companies fail to live up to the terms of their policies and unreasonably delay or deny payment of valid claims, you should contact the lawyers at Kobs & Philley, PLLC.

Insurance companies are money-making businesses, and they're notorious for doing whatever they can to avoid paying out claims. It's how they get rich and stay in business. But laws and regulations exist to protect people from insurance company greed. If an insurance company is denying your legitimate claim, you might have the legal right to pursue your claim in a court of law.

Have you been treated unfairly by your own insurance company? Is your insurance company denying your homeowner's claim or underpaying you on this claim? Or do you have problems with your automobile insurance company denying or underpaying on your uninsured motorist (UIM) automobile claim? Is your health insurance company refusing to pay for your treatment or your commercial general liability insurance company refusing to provide coverage?

Denial of Claim/Bad Faith

When insurance companies unjustly deny your claim, they're said to be operating in bad faith. Basically, that's when insurance companies take your money (or collect premiums from their own clients, in the case of an auto accident where you're not the liable party), but then refuse to pay out, even when it's clear that they should. Sometimes your insurance company has denied your valid claim without a legal or factual basis, and sometimes they use illegitimate tactics when handle your claim. We have experience in representing homeowners and consumers who have been cheated or treated unfairly by their insurance company. Insurance companies may operate in bad faith in many circumstances, and we handle all areas of insurance bad faith, including claims arising under homeowner, automobile, health, medical, Workers' Compensation, and commercial general liability insurance policies.

Implicit in every contract is an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. An insurance policy is considered a contract between you (the insured) and your insurance company (the insurer). This agreement requires that the insurance company acts in "good faith" toward you. If an insurance company unreasonably withholds the benefits of the policy from its insured, it is considered acting in "bad faith."

When an insurer refuses to pay, there's not much you can do without a lawyer.

If you are seeking a client-focused, results-oriented law firm to assist you with an insurance-related concern, contact Kobs & Philley, PLLC. An experienced lawyer, like Jared A. Kobs or Benjamin N. Philley, can talk with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that your claim gets paid. In some cases, insurance companies pay as soon as they realize that you've hired a lawyer and they're not going to get away with ignoring your claim. In other cases, it takes threats of litigation or substantial legal action to convince insurance companies to pay your claims.

Don't let insurance companies jerk you around. If an insurance company is operating in bad faith or denying your claim in Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Brandon, or anywhere in Mississippi, contact Kobs & Philley, PLLC and let us talk to them. With experienced legal partners, your insurance company problems will hopefully cease to be problems, freeing you up to move on with your life. Take advantage of our NO OBLIGATION, FREE CONSULTATION. Ask us questions. We will provide straight answers and explain what we can do for you and how we can help you during this stressful time. You can contact us online or call us today at 601-856-7800 or 1-877-856-0330 for a FREE CONSULTATION.


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