Maritime/Jones Act Injuries

As a state with a beautiful coastal stretch along the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi is home to a fair number of people who make their livings by working on the sea. Maritime law is an entirely different area of practice than many other types of law, with specific rules and regulations governing life on the sea. The Merchant Marine Act, revised in 1970 and renamed the Jones Act, is one of the primary pieces of legislation that governs employers whose companies involve working on the ocean.

The Jones Act covers injured seamen in both inland and offshore accidents. Employees who work on ships and other water-going vessels may be eligible for protection under the Jones Act. The Jones Act stipulates that vessels must be sea-worthy, and that if the negligence of the owner, captain or other employees causes an accident, an employee is eligible to seek damages for those injuries under the Jones Act.

The Jones Act and Maritime law is a very specific type of litigation, compared to other types of personal injury. If you're employed in a sea-based profession, or even on inland water-going vessels, you should consult an experienced maritime attorney to learn your rights.

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